The New Year 2020

As we look forward to a brand new year, we may reflect on the one just past, not to remember the moments of regret, but the memories we’ve made with family and friends!  We have a brand new slate on which to focus on making a difference in someone’s life.  A word of positive reflections on the prospects for the new day, a smile that says “you matter, too”, a phone call to a friend who is experiencing an injury or illness, or a brief note to let some distant aunt, cousin, or friend know you think of them often is each individual’s opportunity to build more memories and to make a positive difference in a loved one’s life.  My focus each day is to smile at everyone I meet, whether he or she is an acquaintance or a stranger.  We never know when we might meet an angel unaware.  Make a difference in your new year, one day at a time!  You will be amazed how it lifts your own spirits.  May you be filled with much peace and happiness as you greet each new day.

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