May, a Month for Mothers

There was a recent change in how my blog is developed by WordPress which launched a new version on March 24th. I would be remiss in not acknowledging the most important month of the year.  And although May 1st is past, I will always remember doing the Maypole dance at school around the flagpole with streaming ribbons we wove over and under and hanging woven baskets with wildflowers on doors in the neighborhood to bless special ones.  During May, we remember and honor our beloved mother(s).  No one is without a mother, whether they were a good or bad example of motherhood, but we have each one to thank for giving us life.  Mine has gone to heaven, and before her, my two grandmothers, one of whom I knew until age six, and I miss her.  I have often said she was my angel on earth.  Let us remember to cherish those who have made a difference in our lives, each and every day! And especially our mothers!

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  1. Mothers form a child not only in the womb but throughout a persons life. I have certainly been blessed with a mother who has given everything for me and my brothers. I have not always been the perfect son but I love my mother. God knew what he was doing when he formed my mother and gave her a loving and forgiving spirit not only for me but for my brothers as well. We certainly knew how to test her spirit. With all the love in my heart. Thank you mom.

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