June, a Month for Birthdays and Brides

I was born on Fathers’ Day Sunday 74 years ago, the first of three little daughters to my parents.  I’ve always felt honored to be the first child to share that special day with my daddy.  I also share this month with a niece, a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, twin sisters who are Christian friends, and my pastor, as well as my dad, who now lives in heaven with Christ.  June was also the month I was confirmed in my Christian faith and the month I chose to marry my husband 52 years ago.  Birthdays and weddings are the time to celebrate the beginning of a new life as humans and when couples often pledge their love to one another before God and man.  It’s the month we remember with tears of joy as we celebrate those special events in our lives.  May each day in June be a reminder of how much you are loved by the special people in your life.


3 Comments on “June, a Month for Birthdays and Brides”

  1. Happy birthday and happy June days! I’m a twin also, but you probably know that already. Nice post.

  2. Probably not many June weddings this year, but it’s still a great month. I, too, share a June birthday with you.

  3. June is definitely a beautiful month with many opportunities to celebrate! That was a lovely post!

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