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Seasons and Senses

February 2020

Dripping eaves and cloudy skies signal the prelude to spring with wildflowers blooming in the woods, robins appearing on the lawn, and white clouds floating by in the blue arc of sky above. I glory in the rising growth before my eyes as God’s creation comes out of its sleepy, dark, earthbound days.  The glory

December 2019

With the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s time to remind my family and friends that the reason for celebrating this season is Jesus Christ’s birth in Bethlehem, not Santa Claus coming to town. I love my LORD and will proclaim Him until He returns to take his children home to heaven. Hosanna! Hosanna!


My favorite season of the year is Fall or Autumn, as some folks call it!  I cannot think of another time when the colors of nature are as vibrant and exciting and uplifting as this time of the year.  It’s as if God has turned the prism of His eternal light upon the earth, showing